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Focused electronic connector, Hexagon tiny parts i

 The connector is an indispensable part of the electronic device, which bridges the current circulation. Although the electronic connectors are simple in size, they are large in number, soft in material, easy to deform, and extremely demanding in efficiency. When detecting whether the pin is missing or properly positioned, the conventional image isometric measurement scheme is often interrupted frequently, resulting in a decrease in measurement efficiency and requiring manual interference to assist the measurement.

The Hexagon electronic connector measurement solution uses a high-magnification lens with a 130W pixel color camera. Together with the highly scalable PC-DMIS Vision software, the form factor and terminal position of the microminiature connector can be easily achieved. Measurement, PIN angle height and flatness measurement, etc., effectively solve the problem of automated, high-efficiency detection.

Powerful image processing - guarantee accuracy


The high-resolution, high-definition imager adjusts the ring light system to clearly magnify the position of the product to be measured and complete the inspection of small parts. PC-DMIS Vision software has powerful image processing algorithms, which can set the edge grabbing mode, edge polarity, direction, density, intensity and various filtering parameters to ensure the accuracy and stability of the automatic grabbing boundary to the greatest extent.


                      Multiple capture features - high efficiency measurements

In the same window (FOV) range, PC-DMIS Vision software can simultaneously capture points, lines, circles and other features in the field of view. Multiple capture functions can double the measurement efficiency and compress the entire part measurement cycle to traditional measurement. From 1/6 to 1/8 of the mode, it is possible to quickly judge whether the quality of the entire connector is qualified or not, and achieve high-efficiency measurement.

High-speed line laser scanning - the best measurement method for height and flatness


Designed for height detection of small components, the line laser scanning solution quickly and accurately measures the height difference and coplanarity of the PIN pin of the electronic connector.

Professional imager plus line laser scanning is a combination of high efficiency in general-purpose machines. Image sensors measure connector plane size, line laser measurement height difference and flatness, ensuring high precision and speed of measurement process, overall efficiency than point laser For measurement or optical focus measurement, it is increased by 3 to 10 times.

The image measuring system plays an indispensable role in the entire manufacturing cycle of the electronic connector. From automated batch inspection in the stamping phase to position and dimensional tolerance testing in the assembly phase, Hexagon's solution runs through the entire manufacturing process of the connector. Quality plus a layer of protection.