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Bluetooth Sound Blaster Solution

 The ultra-thin TV makes the family living room beautiful, but the ultra-thinness makes the TV's sound effect worse, so the wireless sound tyrant products that don't have to worry about wiring problems came into being.

In the wireless sound tyrant, what wireless standard is used, how to connect with the TV, and the delay of the subwoofer are all crucial.

The technical solution utilizes the powerful DSP processing capability inside the chip, adds sound processing technology and aptX high-fidelity, low-latency technology,which effectively solves the problem of time synchronization of audio and video signals, and the sound of the subwoofer part is also transmitted through Bluetooth. 

In addition, the solution utilizes the ultra-low-power Bluetooth inside the chip and introduces an ultra-low-power Bluetooth remote control to integrate the entire system. The system design and production are very simple, and the function is extremely powerful.

Bluetooth Sound Blaster Solution