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EOC C-Link MO1.1+ solution


Main function and performance parameters:

High frequency EOC protocol 950-1525M frequency

Channel bandwidth up to 200M

Transmission packet error rate <1e-5

Forward error correction

Modem + analog front end 2 chip high integration solution,

Low power consumption, users access to 800Mbps Internet access.

The core advantages of the solution:

The central office Maxlinear EN1051+EN3681 high integration dual IC analog + modulation demodulation + MAC / PHY solution, to meet the EOC MOCA1.1 + protocol.

The high-frequency EOC achieves 4 times bandwidth through *4, and finally reaches 800M high throughput to meet the needs of home Internet access.

The terminal adopts the supporting EN1050+EN3690 to realize the 100M bandwidth of the household.

The application segment of EOC C-Link MO1.1:

High-frequency ECO MOCA1.1+ home coaxial high-speed Internet

EOC C-Link MO1.1+ solution terminal project block diagram