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 X-RAY And ROHS Test X-RAY And ROHS Test X-RAY And ROHS Test

  • X-RAY device can confirm whether it is good for wafer, wire bond and die bond.ROHS test can confirm whether it is environmental protection by the product pin and the solder coating of photovoltaic equipment.
  • The device is EOX brand series, which can accuratly determine the lead content of the product pin, as well as can confirm the lead for the non-ferrous metal pin and the surface of the pin incluiding CrCdPbHg, CrCdPbHg, CrCl.
  • The picture above took by X-RAY is the product pin bitmap.as the the small red arrows show,wire bones and wafers are open circuit and short circuit.it caused that the product can work, it is a big risk to the entire circuit. When checking the internal structure via the X-RAY that can be magnified 1,000 times, we'll filter this kind of product out.After that, we do the proper functional testing for other product which are in good condition. Finaly, we get the good quality parts for customers.